WordPress Celebrations

by 04g7F1nl02 on May 16, 2009 · 0 comments

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For more than a year now I have been running my personal blog on WordPress after an unsuccessful and frustrating experience on another platform which shall remain nameless.  After months of feeling I am not making the fullest of my blog and knowledge of WordPress I decided it’s about time to hit Wordcamp.

Wordcamp is an international ongoing event where wordpress enthusiasts gather to talk and learn about WordPress.  I was devastated to discover that the May Wordcamp in NY is closed for CUNY members, and my pleas of doing anything to join the event, even paying double or triple than standard fees, were unsuccessful. The next Wordcamp in NY is not until mid-November, that’s lightyears away and in conjunction to Web 2.0 Expo in NY – too much for me to digest. The next available camp is planned for end of May in SF – one of my most fav places in the world. It also turns out that the date marks the 6th year anniversary celebrations for WordPress, which means lots of excitement and a big celebration with the top-minds behind wordpress, Google etc, which may be too much for me to handle, but worth a shot! and so in 13 days I will be packing my bags to fly to SF and deep dive into the world of WordPress. check out the shcedule – amazing people and topics! Can’t wait! see you there?

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