VLOconomics: It’s The Client Economy, Stupid (Webinar on Virtual Law Firms)

by Mike Mintz on March 25, 2010 · 0 comments

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Here is a stark reality: clients want more value from law firms.  Period.  And yet, Big Law continues raise rates, Specialized Law continues to capture market share, and In-house Counsel continue to take on more tasks to save budget.  This model cannot endure because clients are becoming more comfortable with web based services and finding that Virtual Law Firms can offer everything those other firms can at cheaper rates.  The concept of a lawyer without a cushy office becomes more appealing when clients realize that a mobile infrastructure means better rates, and with key talent realizing they can escape a law firm culture that may not suit their lifestyle by joining with a reputable VLO, the stock of virtual law firms is hitting a new high.

Virtual Law Firms Explained (Free Webinar)

So what does it mean to be a virtual firm?  What are the ethics behind operating one?  How can a firm that is spread out across the globe without a central office operate?  Find out the answers to these questions in our Martindale-Hubbell Connected webinar on Virtual Law Firms.

Learn all about it on Monday, March 29 at 4pm EST from our panel of experts.

Presented by:

Joe Walsh, Community Manager Martindale-Hubbell Connected and Lisa McManus, Legal Content Planner, LexisNexis

Date: Monday, March 29, 2010
9:00 am Pacific
10:00 am Mountain
11:00 am Central
12:00 pm Eastern
4:00 pm GMT
5:00 pm UK (BST)

Duration: 60 minutes

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