Top Five Legal Hassles to Avoid on Sunday’s Big Game

by Larry Bodine on January 28, 2012 · 0 comments

in is suggesting tips to football fans on ways to help avoid potential legal troubles surrounding Sunday’s big game. The newest post on the blog, a top online destination for legal news consumers can use, explores some legal issues potentially facing those who may let the excitement of the game cloud their judgment this Sunday.

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Millions of people are looking forward to Sunday’s big game, but for some the game can lead to a hangover, indigestion and a not-so-super night in jail if they’re not careful. We’ve offered suggestions to help pigskin fans avoid potential legal trouble this Sunday, but for those who find themselves facing legal problems this weekend or any time of year, we urge you to visit to help find a good local lawyer to represent you.”

Presented below is a list of the Top Five Legal Hassles to Avoid on Sunday’s Big Game. Click on the following link to access the full story on the blog.

  1. Driving Under the Influence: Whether you’re attending the game in person or driving to a party outside your home, remember that police are likely to be out in force looking for drunk or impaired drivers. Don’t drink and drive. The best way to avoid a situation entirely is to just take a cab.
  1. Hosting a Party: Whenever you invite friends or family to your home and alcohol is served, remember that hosts may be held responsible for their guests’ safety. Monitor your guests’ drinking, serve food to help with absorption of alcohol, and never serve alcohol to minors.
  1. Stadium Misconduct: If you’re lucky enough to hold a ticket to the big game, use common sense. Stadium officials may be within their rights to kick you out for being rowdy. Don’t throw anything, harass anybody or drink and start interfering with other people’s enjoyment. Picking a fight or being belligerent to other fans or stadium employees could easily get you in trouble.
  1. Gambling on the Game: If you choose to participate in the office betting pool, acquaint yourself with the applicable employment laws of your state and make sure you aren’t running afoul of your company’s policies on the use of company time and resources to organize and participate in these kinds of activities.
  1. Ticket Scalping: Legitimate street sellers may typically have a badge and license, and there are a number of secure online sources where fans can legally buy tickets before the game. However, make sure you’re buying from a legitimate source. Every year, fake or counterfeited tickets are sold to unsuspecting victims. There may not be any penalties for buying phony tickets, other than wasting a lot of money, but vendors selling counterfeits may get into trouble for such activities.

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