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by Mike Mintz on January 28, 2010 · 1 comment

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We are getting pretty excited about Legal Tech next week.  I am flying in from Jerusalem, Israel next Sunday night to join my teammates for three days of networking, knowledge sharing, and some exciting LexisNexis events at the conference.  Here are some of the things we have going on.

Join the Legal Tech New York 2010 group in Connected (registration required – not, yet a member of Connected?  Sign up for free today)

MDC_LogoStamp_JoinNowJoin our Legal Tech New York 2010 group in Connected to get all the information on LexisNexis events happening at the conference.  We will be posting some exclusive content, offers, and events during the conference, including links to our man-on-the-street reports (see below).

Join the Applied Discovery group to get exclusive white papers, podcasts, and blog posts by the experts during Legal Tech.  We will be focusing many of our event activities in that group as well, so check it out today!

Meet the LexisNexis Communities Crew

It’s great to see familiar faces when you go to a conference.  With all the community events we have planned for Legal Tech, from Business of Law Symposiums to our Connected Pulse Videos, it helps to know the Connected Crew.  These are the guys who will be at Legal Tech to help you with anything you need regarding LexisNexis Community activities.  Also, we’re fun people to drink coffee with.  Connect with us!

Lorretta Ruppert

Joe Walsh

Mike Mintz

Angela Zener

Chad Montgomery

Karen Yotis

Get Interviewed for our Legal Tech Man-on-the-Street Reports

Want to be interviewed at Legal Tech New York this year?  The community management crew will be running around with video cameras getting the man-on-the-street take on legal technology, the industry, and anything else you want to discuss.  Videos will then be posted to our YouTube channel and here in the Legal Tech group.  This is your chance at stardom!

Go to our thread in the Legal Tech New York 2010 group and tell us why you should be interviewed?  What’s your take on things?  Registration required – not, yet a member of Connected?  Sign up for free today.

Business of Law Symposium: Charting a Successful Course in Today’s Brave New World

Sign up for our LexisNexis Business of Law Symposium at Legal Tech titled, “Charting a Successful Course in Today’s Brave New World.”  ONLY 80 SEATS AVAILABLE!

Where: Hilton Hotel, Concourse B, 1:00-5:00 p.m., February 1,

LexisNexis will host four sessions of 45 minute presentations with 15 minutes of Q&A.  Each session will have a speaker and a group of panelists.  Registrants can select one or more sessions on the actual registration page. The Super Session symposium will be a highly-engaging forum for lawyers to hear from the industry’s foremost thought leaders on the central aspects of the radically changing legal landscape.

Keynoted and moderated by Bruce MacEwen of Adam Smith, Esq., you will hear senior law firm leaders engage in open-ended debate on the unprecedented economic changes affecting our industry and our clients and the management implications of this rapidly changing landscape, including:

  • New structures for the new world? How do career paths, revenue and profitability models, and recruitment and development need to change?
  • Future strategies. Which new positionings offer compelling value and which hold peril?
  • Other topics include: law firm business models, trends in alternative fee arrangements, the increasing importance of technology, and more

The drastic changes we now face, many already afoot, come once in a career. Be prepared.

What About You?

Tell us in the comments what you want to see at Legal Tech?  Are you planning anything with your company?  We all love a good party – anything happening?

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Marc Mintz wrote onFebruary 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm

We enjoyed seeing during your hectic schedule, yes children
grow up and do their own thing.

Love Much!



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