The Power of Numbers: Let’s Raise $23,016 for the Smile Train Tomorrow

by Mike Mintz on December 9, 2009 · 0 comments

in Martindale-Hubbell Connected

iStock_000000237804XSmallHow often have you heard this one: “I became a lawyer because I hate math”?

Now, I’m a lawyer and don’t particularly hate math.  In fact, in college I waited tables and could add up a check and calculate a 20% tip really fast.  When counting your tips at the end a hard day on your feet there is another saying that rings true: “the numbers never lie.”

I just checked the Martindale-Hubbell Connected Member Directory.  The count at 5:01 pm on Thursday, December 9th was 23,016 members. Quite a climb from just 20 corporate counsel members 1-year ago.

Now, let’s imagine what would happen if each of those members connected with ONE corporate counsel member tomorrow.   It would create a wave of giving to our Connected for a Cause campaign, which benefits the Smile Train, an organization that provides free surgeries to children with cleft and palate problems in third-world countries.

From now until the end of the year, we donate $1 for every connection made by or to a corporate counsel member.  Meaning: if you send an invitation to a corporate counsel member, and that corporate counsel member accepts it, you both just raised money for the Smile Train.  If corporate counsel members connect to each other, there  is double payout, (since both made a new connection).  But the biggest payoff comes when NEW CORPORATE COUNSEL JOIN CONNECTED.

So how can you help?  Make a corporate counsel connection today (include a personal note in the invitation and be authentic).  Reach out to any corporate counsel you know who are not already on Connected and encourage them to join.  If you are in a corporate legal department, make it a friendly competition to see who from your department is the last to join Connected (that guy or girl has to buy the beer at the holiday party).  There are lots of ways for us to help the Smile Train, and they all start by connecting.

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