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by Karen Cancellieri on December 13, 2010 · 0 comments

in has one goal – to be the number one resource connecting legal professionals. In order to reach that goal, we are constantly making improvements to our site in response to user feedback. Earlier this year we rolled out the first significant redesign that focused on the community side of – Connected. This included a complete overhaul of profiles, groups, forums and blogs, all topped off by a new global navigation and streamlined single search box. But we couldn’t stop there. Now, we are tackling the most frequently visited page of our site, the public homepage.

One User (OK, Maybe 10% of Users) at a Time

Last week we released a new version of the homepage. We’ve released it to a percentage of our users to start, and will be rolling it out gradually to more and more users over the coming weeks. If you’re not already seeing it, here is what you can expect to see soon:

So What’s New?

If you’re not yet seeing the new homepage, or even if you are, you might be asking what the big changes are. Here are the highlights:

Search: The biggest thing you’ll notice is that the familiar search form at the top left has been removed. Users are growing more accustomed to using a single search box (think Google), and with the improved intelligence of our single search box at the top of every page, you’re likely to easily find what you’re looking for without needing to key your criteria into form fields.

Activity: We have a wealth of public content on the latest legal happenings being generated by the Connected community. You’ll be able to see the discussions going on in the community as they happen, along with new articles published to the Legal Library plus group and member activity.

Top Stories: New developments and events are constantly happening in the legal industry. We want to bring these top of mind stories and events directly to our users, and keep them coming back for more.

If you don’t yet see the new homepage, don’t worry. Your chances of seeing it will increase in the comings weeks as we roll it out to more users. As always, we invite you to join our Connected Member Support group and provide us with any feedback you have about the site.

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