Two days ago, as Jon shared here, we released one of the biggest and most significant release in this year, totally revising the Member Search experience, upgrading our blog platform, and enhancing many many more features on the site.

These exiting and frequent releases cycles which compose our daily work schedule, happen every few weeks or so, are always extremely tight, packed with features, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. and usually require a late night stay of the entire team at the end of each cycle: software engineers, quality assurance, user experience, functional requirements, database, infrastructure and product management people  – all assemble together to bring life to a project. This is one of my favorite times of the a release cycle – when we’re all sitting together as a team, promotion is under way, testing is done, the new design is out – everybody is holding their breath, and hard work of several weeks is then getting shape and form. It is also a time when team spirit is felt very strongly among all of us – together bringing features from words on requirements document to screen mockups, to life, to reality.

“Code is Poetry” someone once said, and working closely with the Development and QA team is one of the rare times where I have felt the meaning of this sentence.  Poetry that comes from the hearts and minds of people who eat, breath, sleep strings and code design that assemble into structure, into a living, breathing, interactive site.   Countless times I have heard referees to the “army of developers” has, truth of the matter is that our specific team is a humble small team. That of extremely dedicated, talented, passionate magicians that create an illusion of an army of developers. Developing and engineering a site that has seen new registration, groups, search, Career Center, practice area resource centers, Client Reviews, and many many other enhancements added in less than 7 months.

This is the passion that gets me excited, this is the magic that make things happen, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience true inspirational team spirit and collaboration – a true community spirit.

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