The Best of Connected – W1 & 2 Sept 2009

by Mike Mintz on September 10, 2009 · 0 comments

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iStock_000004658970XSmallAs the summer wraps up and the white pants get packed away until next year, the action in Connected heats up.  We hit the 15,000 member mark, posted the Networks for Counsel survey, had very favorable mentions in an article on, welcomed in a wave of law student members, and had a system release which created a whole bunch of enhancements (more to come on that).

Besides all of this exciting news we had some great member posts, which we will now highlight:

Public Forum Posts – this is one of the most visible areas in Connected and if you want to be seen or heard, these forums are the places to do it.  Here are the best posts from this week:

Groups – these are the mini-communities on Connected, where like-minded users get together to share ideas in a more intimate environment.  Here are the public groups with some great activity this week:

  • Law Schools – with the invitation of over 100,000 law students to Connected we decided to create shell groups for every law school in the country in the hopes that few enterprising students from each school would emerge as the thought leaders among their peers.  Anyone interested in becoming a manager of these groups, which gives you blogging rights in the group, should contact me.  (Just to clarify, I attended Seton Hall School of Law so if you see me in your school group, I am only there as the community manager).
  • Social Media for Lawyers – to support the 2009 Networks for Counsel survey we posted a supplemental PDF which members can download.  It summarizes findings and explains what they mean to lawyers.
  • Information Professionals – a group for “Information Professionals who are working with, or have an interest in, legal or business information resources delivered to  to professors, law students, lawyers, and business professionals.”  There are some fantastic posts happening here and we’ll be sure to follow where this one goes.

Blog Posts – what’s the difference between a blog and forum again?  I get this question a lot; my answer is that a blog is like a soap box.  The author is the focus and comments are directed to that original post.  A forum is more of a level playing field where the topic itself is the focus more so than the person who started it.  Also, in Connected, functionality-wise, you can put attachments on a blog post, whereas you can only use links on a forum post (the same is true in groups as well):

Given that we are in our Revolutionary Law theme for the next month, we’d like to see you do some posts about the game changing practice areas in the law.  Check out site messaging for more details and we’ll see if your post makes it to the Best of Connected next week.

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