The Best of Connected (August 2009: Week 2)

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first prizeWelcome to “The Best of Connected,” August 2009, week 2.

Below you will see different member posts and articles from the community that I found interesting.  If you like what you see, click through the link and leave your comments.

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Best Groups:

Counsel on Litigation Management - with one of the best new discussion forums on Connected, this private group has exploded in membership and activity.  Here is the group description:

The Council is a nonpartisan alliance of corporations, insurance companies, law firms and service providers committed to furthering the highest standards of litigation management. We are an inclusive and collaborative organization seeking to further the practice of Litigation Management through educational programs, fostering communication and collaboration, and providing resources to the defense industry.

You can request membership to join this private group.

Career Building (Lend a Hand) – this group is the central hub for our theme this week about career building.  It includes guest blogs, special forum discussions, and document downloads.  Here is the description of the group:

This group encourages members to share their career development experiences, discuss strategies, and provide each other with tips and guidance.

Also, in response to the current economic downturn, LexisNexis announced the Lend a Hand program to help attorney in transition.  It offers free marketing services, networking opportunities, and employment resources to help attorneys promote their personal brand, build and leverage a trusted professional legal network, and access jobs and employment resources available through Martindale-Hubbell.  Registration for the program is open through September 2009.

Click here to join this public group.

Best Forums and Posts

Professional Developmentthis forum is a hidden gem in Connected.  It can be used to discuss topics relevant to career building, job searching, skill refinement, and more.  Two recent threads deserve some attention, and I hope that anyone who clicks through will leave their feedback:

  • Best Job Searching Tips – part of our career building theme is helping those in transition.  Use this forum post to share your experience in securing and keeping a job.
  • Work-at-Home Opportunities for Lawyers – in the current economy cost-savings is always on the brain.  What better way to save costs at a law firm than allowing employees to work from home and saving on expensive office space?

Managing Outside Counsel – a forum for both in-house and out-of-house lawyers to discuss best practices with each other and find what works together.

Best Member Blogs and Posts

Litigation on a Budget – in-house counsel member asks what to do when out-of-house counsel won’t accept a flat fee.

Leveraging Social Media to Support Your Job Search – this guest blog post is part of our Career Building week and answers some key questions about these tools:

How could he differentiate his accomplishments using social media? How could he use social tools to circumvent the traditional job search methods of applying for senior roles through networking instead of relying upon resume submission forms on web site or responding to job listings through online “Dear HR manager” forms.

Brazil Slashing Taxes – from the International Tax Attorney’s blog:

Brazil has implemented federal excise tax (IPI) breaks and other tax measures to aid it during the global financial crisis and stimulate the country’s growth. The IPI measures include the reduction on capital goods (machinery and equipment) and rate reductions for vehicles, home appliances, construction materials and other items.

Best Articles

Recent Supreme Court Decision Relaxes the Qualified Immunity Standard

If you have a § 1983 action pending in federal court, a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court allows your trial judge more flexibility and discretion in assessing whether qualified immunity is warranted. The high court recently decided Pearson v. Callahan, 129 S. Ct. 808 (Jan. 21, 2009)…

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Employee Free Choice Act Compromise Gains Momentum

In its current form, the Employee Free Choice Act which has passed the House, and enjoys President Obama’s support, would require the National Labor Relations Board to certify a labor union as the employees’ exclusive representative once a majority of employees sign cards in favor of the union.

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Second Circuit Holds Unauthorized Removal of UPC Labels May Be Trademark Infringement

A defendant may be held liable for trademark infringement – even though it may be selling genuine goods manufactured under the authority of the trademark owner – if those goods are sold with altered or removed UPC labels. Recently, in Zino Davidoff, SA v. CVS Corporation, No., 07-2872-cv (June 19, 2009)

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Until next week, keep up the great posts …

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