The ‘Always-There Conference’: Martindale-Hubbell Connected reaches 25,000 members

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Next week LegalTech, one of the most exciting, awaited for conferences, is going to kick off in NY as Mike Mintz shared with you in the post from yesterday. I really enjoyed attending last year’s LegalTech and am eagerly waiting for it this year as well, and if you are planning to attend as well, I’d love to connect and meet.

On a separate but related topic, earlier this week Martindale-Hubbell Connected welcomed its 25,000 member, a very exciting event considering Connected was launched to the public less than a year ago. Thinking about the variety of conferences available to legal profession, and the thriving of Connected Network sharpens the notion of the Online Legal Network as a Conference that never ends, and from which you can choose to dip in and out of, as you wish. Looking at the Connected Members Directory [you need to be a member to view this page] and going through the variety of roles and enormous pool of people and organizations the network offers, I can’t help but compare Connected to ‘an always-there conference’:

  • a place where you can ALWAYS meet that one person you have been trying to contact during or outside the conference (Even more than that, Connected offers a special pool of suggested connections, which you can use to enhance your network and make connections, with one single click) ;
  • a place where you can develop strong relationship with that one person, by reading his/her blog and learning about their interests and thoughts and engaging in conversation with them in shared groups;
  • a place where you can control when and how you communicate with your target audience – there is no limit to space and time;

Connected also offers an extremely wide range of legal professionals:

  • Members are from 139 countries
  • Members from companies such as Lenovo, AOL, Microsoft (see who joined recently)
  • Over 200 Law Schools Alumni Groups
  • Hundreds of User Created groups focusing on Legal World (and yes you can definitely find groups of personal interests, like Books Fanatics)

Connected, growing and developing, has also had its share of growing pains, getting mixed reviews and defining momentsĀ  such as changing registration following feedback. Every feedback, comment or review – we take to heart and mind, and more importantly – to code. The question constantly on my mind is how can we make this ‘always there conference’ work better for you? That’s why in the past few months we have been working on usability tests that will feed into an improved site, as Jon shared here early December last year.

Here is your chance to let us know how can Connected change to serve you better , it’s our chance to listen to your feedback - join the hundreds who have voiced their opinion and feedback, to make a better service for you.

If you’re not a member yet – this is your chance to join.

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