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TweetOne of the great things about being part of legal professionals community like Connected is that it provides you both a place to showcase expertise and get great content on deeper areas of law.  There is perhaps no better place to do that on our network than during an Event, also known as “theme […]


TweetHere is a stark reality: clients want more value from law firms.  Period.  And yet, Big Law continues raise rates, Specialized Law continues to capture market share, and In-house Counsel continue to take on more tasks to save budget.  This model cannot endure because clients are becoming more comfortable with web based services and finding […]


TweetRecent findings from our LexisNexis survey on the State of the Legal Industry show that corporate counsel want more from their outside law firms.  71% of those surveyed felt outside law firms were not doing enough to respond to the current economic climate.  Over half of the lawyers surveyed feel that the industry will permanently need […]