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TweetA key part of Martindale-Hubbell Connected is putting the buyers and sellers of legal services together. Law firms want to know what their potential customers need and how best to deliver it. In house counsel wants to know which law firms can deliver their needs for the best value. Everyone wants to learn more from […]


TweetAnyone who remembers the iconic, 1990′s Saturday Night Live sketch Wayne’s World, knows that when the host Wayne Campbell says “denied!” it is really just the start of some rock music fueled misadventure usually involving Queen, a roll of licorice, and a Gremlin (the car – not a demonic little creature – those were Mike […]


Tweet“At the end of the day, we believe it’s good for all of our sellers to make sure we are protecting the consumer experience first,” Mr. Bezos said.  “Our first and foremost goal is to earn trust with consumers.  If there are no consumers buying, nothing else matters.”  Mr. Bezos of course is Jeff Bezos, […]