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TweetThe Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Magazine interviewed my boss, Ralph Calistri, about the transformation of Martindale-Hubbell. It’s nice that we’re starting to see some positive things written about the dramatic changes we’ve been making. I had a wonderful conversation recently with an extremely nice and smart blogger who is just as extreme in his criticism of […]


TweetAs my colleagues and I have noted over the past week here on our new blog, change is happening at Martindale-Hubbell.  This change is across the board, including our solutions aimed at helping small businesses and individuals as well as those targeted to large law firms and corporations.  But you might be wondering what more […]


TweetIt was nice to read a balanced analyst report by David Curle, Director & Lead Analyst of Outsell on what he describes as the overhaul of The report, titled Enhancements to Reflect the Changing Law Firm Marketing Space, does a nice job of placing into context our “shift in perspective, from a traditional […]

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