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TweetSo you have only started setting up your profile… and now all these questions bubble up: What photo should you use (if any at all!)? How about contact details? How do you present yourself in a way that not only benefits you, but protects you as well? If you have already set up your profile […]


TweetSo you started using the Deck, you check your feeds a few times a week/day, and starting to look for better, cooler ways to engage in Twitterverse? Follow the below steps, and/or add your own advice for a greater Twitter experience. This is a very initial list that I have started…. I am calling all […]


TweetSo the new media darling, Twitter, is all everybody is talking about, and you either really don’t understand what they are all excited about, or leading a conversation about @Scobleizer’s latest tweet. If it’s the latter, you can either skip this post or post a few tips for the beginner tweeter from your experience. Like […]


TweetIt’s exciting to see more lawyers and law firms embrace the web in new ways to connect with potential clients. Beyond their website, lawyers are hosting or taking part in pod-casts, embracing blogs, volunteering on online community message boards, and jumping in to online video. This is especially true of law firms that focus on […]