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Scarinci and Hollenbeck

TweetLawyers continually warn their clients to be cautious about what they say on the internet and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Saying the wrong thing can harm a company’s reputation and even lead to costly business litigation. However, sometimes lawyers don’t take their own advice. A New Jersey attorney is […]

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TweetSocial media has arguably transformed the way many companies do business, particularly how they interact with the public. However, as the business advantages of this new technology continue to grow, so do the legal risks. Many of these risks can be traced back to the novelty of the social media phenomenon. While social media issues […]


TweetOn March 16, a New Jersey jury sent a strong message to potential bullies when it convicted Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi on several criminal charges related to secret recordings he made of his gay roommate’s sexual encounters. Ravi later used social media and text messages to invite other students to watch the videos. After […]


TweetFor law students hoping that their legal degree would be the ticket to steady, high-paying jobs, the reality of the current economy is understandably disappointing. But are law schools to blame? According to a growing number of class-action lawsuits, many believe the answer is yes. In February, twelve law schools were slapped with class-action lawsuits […]


TweetWhile most of us agree that the United States needs to decrease its reliance on foreign oil and develop more renewable power sources, the consensus ends there. One of the biggest sources of controversy is what role federal, state, and local governments should play in the process, particularly when it comes to funding and regulating […]