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TweetWhen we were first married, my wife and I took a two-week honeymoon in Israel.  There we met a great couple who had been married for fifty years.  “What’s the secret?” I asked the husband, Sidney.  Without missing a beat, his wife Ethel said, “never go to bed angry.” Now, inside/outside counsel relationships are a […]


TweetI had the pleasure yesterday of attending a book launch event hosted by Leigh Dance, principle of ELD International.  Many of you know Leigh through her global consulting business that helps corporate counsel and legal teams run more efficiently.  She’s also a frequent moderator of Martindale’s C2C Forums.  Leigh has just published a book, Bright […]


TweetI posted the following response to Robert Ambrogi’s thoughtful post about relationship-building for lawyers and wanted to continue the conversation here: You raise a great point about rainmakers and networking.  When it comes right down to it, personal relationships, well cultivated over time, will always pay off over the long run. My experience is that historically […]