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TweetDuring the past few weeks I sampled subscribing firms’ activity on and What did I find? There can be a distinct difference in the amount of profile views, leads and click-throughs firms receive based on the data and content they provide about their firm and practicing attorneys. There are solo practitioners who receive […]

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TweetIs your Martindale-Hubbell listing doing all it can to drive client contacts? Here are some strategies for getting maximum value from your subscription. These come from best practices we have found for our customers: Lawyer Photos & Firm Logo – Personalizes your firm to users. Phone Numbers – Add for ALL offices & lawyers. Don’t […]


TweetIt’s exciting to see more lawyers and law firms embrace the web in new ways to connect with potential clients. Beyond their website, lawyers are hosting or taking part in pod-casts, embracing blogs, volunteering on online community message boards, and jumping in to online video. This is especially true of law firms that focus on […]