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TweetThink of a lawyer. What did your mind’s eye picture?  Depending on who you are (lawyer v. non-lawyer) the image may change (it may not).  I am a lawyer, and when I did this little exercise my mind immediately flashed to a woman in a gray business suit, wearing black Gucci-style glasses (serious frames) holding […]

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TweetAs our network passes the 12,500 mark we continue to look for new and exciting ways to engage.  This summer we have been doing something called “Social Media Solutions,” a two-month theme with a dual focus: “building your career with social networking tools,” and “creating and implementing social media policies.” Building Your Career with Social […]


Tweet We’re witnessing an extraordinary year in the legal market. This is the first time in memory that most of us have seen large numbers of talented attorneys being impacted by cost-cutting and down-sizing efforts. For many of these attorneys, the time is right to establish their own business and presence in a market where […]