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TweetBe careful what you say online-it could come back to bite you. A recent Missouri Supreme Court puts this warning in stark relief.  In a ruling in the case The Fireworks Restoration Co. v. Hosto, ED97181 (Mo. App. Ct. May 9, 2012), it upheld a jury verdict of $150,000 against a former business partner in […]


TweetI read with interest Caroline Elefant’s post “How Lawyers Are Using Social Media” on Legal Blog Watch Friday that re-caps an article from Chicago Lawyer about how lawyers are using social media and online networking. The conclusions drawn out from the article and post appear to be that lawyers value online networking and social media […]

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TweetSo you have only started setting up your profile… and now all these questions bubble up: What photo should you use (if any at all!)? How about contact details? How do you present yourself in a way that not only benefits you, but protects you as well? If you have already set up your profile […]


TweetWho are those that use Social Media for Business? Jeremiah Owyang divides users of social media for business purposes into 6 groups: * Creators – they have blogs, twitter, they are on every single network. * Critics – * Collectors – get all feeds and organize them * Joiners – network is how I get […]