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Tweet- From LexisNexis® Mealey’s™ Daily Legal News. By imposing a new single-user limitation on its Windows operating systems, Microsoft Corp. was enacting “an entirely valid exercise” of its intellectual property rights, a New York federal judge ruled March 28, dismissing a rival software firm’s antitrust claims against it (MiniFrame Ltd. v. Microsoft Corp., No. 1:11-cv-07419, […]


TweetHave you ever dreamed of evading your income taxes, all with the blessing of Uncle Sam? Well if you have, the multi-billion dollar company Apple and other technology bell weathers are living your dream.  How do they get away with it? They form subsidiaries in tax-friendly countries like Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxemburg which allow […]


Tweet Google’s competitors accuse Google of giving its own services preferential treatment in search results, and they claim that regulators are not doing enough about it.  Google has been busy promoting its own social network Google+ by integrating information from its other services into search results made by subscribers to Google+, thereby extending its search dominance and killing […]

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Tweet Cover via Amazon Today (Monday)  is our first day exploring Social Media Policy and Guidelines for Law Firms and Companies. The key focus today is Blogging. In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to re-read Naked Conversations (by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel), one of the biggest guides out there and a […]


Tweet15,000 queuing to get into Ballmer’s keynote that opens CES. Queue started at 16:30. Keynote was at 6:30. 3 enormous screens on the stage, stage silver spotlights hit the Chandeliers. And then – human beatboxing, flashing videos on all screens, it’s the full circus! (was wondering for a minute if accidnetally I stepped into a […]