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TweetMonica Bay moderated the second panel on first day of LegalTech 2010, focusing on one of the most fascinating topics currently: Social Media Policy. The three panelists discussed different aspects of social media policy which gave a nice well rounded view of the topic, and specifically, different ways to embrace it. The Cautious Side of […]

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Tweet Image by thekenyeung via Flickr Jeremiah Owyang, a leading Forrester analyst who has build himself a solid name in the Social Media world, is leaving Forrester to focus on a business of his own. In ‘the year of Social Media’ where social media value is widely recognized and everyone is a Social Media enthusiast, […]


TweetI am excited! Next week Connected is planned to kick off a ‘Social Media Policy & Guidelines’ week: webinars, guest blog posts, forum discussions, interviews and more, all focusing on what does policy and guidelines look like, what do they mean to your firm, your company and yourself, and what are best practices around online […]