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TweetHere I am at Legal Tech.  24-hours of travel from Jerusalem, two-hours of sleep, a cup of coffee and a NY Bagel.  I’m ready!  So what is going to wow me today?  There’s plenty of marketing from the competition, from free coffee (I got mine elsewhere) to big displays, but the most exciting thing I’ve […]


TweetNext week LegalTech, one of the most exciting, awaited for conferences, is going to kick off in NY as Mike Mintz shared with you in the post from yesterday. I really enjoyed attending last year’s LegalTech and am eagerly waiting for it this year as well, and if you are planning to attend as well, […]


TweetThe proliferation of social media as a vital tool in business and personal communication presents many ethical traps for lawyers and their clients.  As we asked in our event preview post: Do conflicts of interest dictate who makes your friend-list? How much can you discuss your current business without violating confidentiality? Can posts on social […]

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TweetRemember that beloved ’80′s movie Back to the Future?  It was one of my favorites while growing up, and I always wondered if we would have flying skateboards and cars by the year 2015 just like in the movie.  Well the automakers still have 5-years to catch up with that vision, but this  reminiscence makes […]


TweetI wanted to address and hopefully clarify some confusion and misinformation floating around the blogosphere this week regarding fees/options for the display of the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating in 2010. Starting in January of 2010, the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating will not be displayed on the profiles of lawyers at business to business law firms […]


TweetWelcome to a weekly post I hope to keep up with, called “The Best of Connected.”  Below you will see different member posts and articles from the community that I found interesting.  If you like what you see, click through the link and leave your comments. NOTE: member log in required for viewing content inside […]