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TweetAround the world, many commercial law firms face similar diversity challenges – few ethnic minority students even apply to work for them, while women lawyers are grossly under-represented at partnership level. But one leading UK law firm, Wragge & Co, is determined to enhance the diversity of its workforce, and has set about re-engineering its […]


The ‘offshoring’ of legal services and support has long been touted as ‘the next big thing’, but for one global law firm it is already a fact of life. At global law firm Baker & McKenzie, vast tranches of the firm’s support functions have already been outsourced to a centralised offshore facility in the Philippines – and the firm is now offshoring some of its legal work for a key client.


It’s one of the more bizarre facts about the legal profession. Statistically, there are more women than men entering the legal market –in England and Wales, at least. At 11.4% of all solicitors on the English Law Society roll, it’s also arguable that ethnic minorities are over-represented within the English legal profession, when compared with UK national population.

But visit any law firm or any legal conference, and what do you see? Often, nothing but white men. Why are there so few women or ethnic minority partners ?


TweetOne of the enjoyable things about working for LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell is that you can take the ‘global’ view about market developments affecting the worlds’ legal professions. For example, research we’ve previously published has shown that the ‘billable hour’ – widely disliked by corporate clients – is not the billing option of choice in many world […]


TweetHere’s what you missed this week on Connected. The Martindale Mike Podcast – “Getting to the Truth One Lawyer at a Time” Think Larry King Live for lawyers meets The Daily Show.  The Martindale Mike Podcast, hosted by yours truly, invites the best legal minds to talk about hot legal issues and asks them […]


TweetThink of a lawyer. What did your mind’s eye picture?  Depending on who you are (lawyer v. non-lawyer) the image may change (it may not).  I am a lawyer, and when I did this little exercise my mind immediately flashed to a woman in a gray business suit, wearing black Gucci-style glasses (serious frames) holding […]

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TweetLaw firms can produce tons of great content only to have it hide on their law firm website.  One of the quickest ways to expose this content is to syndicate it on other websites. Connected provides an easy way to syndicate your law firm and blog content, attach your firm’s name to the trusted […]


Tweet If you are a law firm or a lawyer listed on, you may often wonder “What can I do more to increase my rankings in search results and come up higher on the first page when someone searches at” We get so many questions every now and then with regards to this […]


TweetHave you ever performed a search on and got nada results? I get a feeling that you are nodding YES. So have I. Have you ever thought why that is so…perhaps you mis-spelled the lawyer or the law firm name or there is  really nothing that matches the entered text in our database which […]


TweetThis isn’t another “lawyers should use social media” post.  You’ve read a bunch of those, and frankly, I’m tired of writing them.  If you don’t want to use new technology and networking tools to do old tasks faster and more efficiently, I understand.  Making changes can be hard.  There’s a learning curve and then the […]