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TweetWhile the world will likely not end in 2012, the outbreaks of severe weather that have plagued much of the country this summer can certainly make the most level-headed lawyer wonder if the Mayans were really on to something. While many Americans have an extra supply of food and water stashed away, very few law […]

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TweetThis week’s Dewey & Leboeuf bankruptcy is more evidence that the law business has changed radically since 2008.  Law firms that insist on doing business as usual and continue to raise their rates each year will continue to see declining profits as clients seek out smaller, regional law firms with more competitive fee structures. To […]

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TweetSmall businesses and service businesses like law firms are all about people and relationships.  If the relationships go bad, a business breakup can be just as difficult and costly as ending a marriage.  Business partners and colleagues invest a great deal in the relationship and there are usually significant assets involved.  The collateral damage to […]