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TweetWhile most of us agree that the United States needs to decrease its reliance on foreign oil and develop more renewable power sources, the consensus ends there. One of the biggest sources of controversy is what role federal, state, and local governments should play in the process, particularly when it comes to funding and regulating […]


TweetLast week’s post by Bob Denney on Attorney at Work gave some great insight on what’s hot and what’s not in practice areas right now. In looking at it, I couldn’t help think of all the great free resources in Connected, that touch on each of these topics. Here is an enhanced version of the […]


TweetIt has been over a week and a half since my move across the Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to Israel.  Everything is different: the language, the culture, not having a car, my work hours (afternoons to 11pm/midnight), and life stuff.  Tomorrow my two-year old starts daycare for the first time and my 8-month old […]