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Tweet“One text or call could wreck it all” is the message of this April’s “National Distracted Driving Month,” sponsored by the U. S. Department of Transportation.  This slogan does not just apply to texting-obsessed teen drivers.  There are serious business risks to distracted driving. In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in crashes involving driver distraction, […]


TweetPresident Obama recently unveiled his proposed budget for fiscal year 2013. While the proposal will likely never pass in its current form, it does offer businesses and their attorneys some valuable insight into the administration’s priorities for the upcoming year. Since we suspect that no one (even members of Congress) has time to read the […]


TweetWhat do you think of when you see the number 23? My first thoughts are Michael Jordan, that wacky Jim Carrey movie The Number 23, and my birthday (September 23rd). Here’s a new thought for all of us: download this free mindmap in Connected, which presents a visual guide to 23-free employment law resources […]

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TweetHere’s what you missed this week in Connected: Forget the Dress Code Debate: Let’s Talk about the Coffee Cup Code Racine County (Wisconsin) Circuit Court Judge Gene Gasiorkiewicz is a tough cookie with some strict rules in his courtroom: “Ties and coats must be worn; shorts and flip-flops are a big no-no; ditto for cleavage […]