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TweetThe other day an article ran in the Wall Street Journal discussing the disclaimers many of us include in our emails but that almost none of us read. Entitled, “Warning: if the email you just read isn’t for you, don’t read it”, by Dionne Searcey and Michael Rothfeld, it is an amusing article and also […]


TweetHere’s what you missed on Connected. Someone’s knocking at the door- do you let them in? Lisa Magill writes about Florida Statutes Section 843.02 regarding the obligation of a Condo Association to instruct guards to allow process servers access to the facility and grounds: The arrival of a process server at the front gate […]


TweetEven though the speed table session was held on a Sunday afternoon, it attracted more than 20 participants. Given the size of the group, we pulled the tables together and ran the sessions in sequence so that everyone in the group could participate in the same session at the same time. The result was a […]