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TweetI’m a child of the 1980s. I grew up with Atari, ALF, Mr. T and The Smurfs. Then there was the music. Amidst the launch of MTV, the 80s produced some memorable (or is it hard to forget?) music. My favorite song from this decade is a-ha’s “Take on Me.” No doubt, you know the […]

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TweetOne of the great things about being part of legal professionals community like Connected is that it provides you both a place to showcase expertise and get great content on deeper areas of law.  There is perhaps no better place to do that on our network than during an Event, also known as “theme […]


TweetiPhone 4 launched to critical acclaim.  Fan boys drooled over it (myself include).  Normal people said “that’s cool.”  Lawyers finally thought they might trade in their Blackberrys … okay maybe not, but you get the point.  It was big, and Apple seemed to have a sure thing. Then Consumer Reports said, “don’t buy it.”  The […]