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TweetSometimes lawyers are as slow to adapt to change as the Catholic Church.  Many lawyers have not yet embraced the internet dogma or accepted the reality that technology can be good.  As a result, many law firms are not taking advantage of the time and cost savings the internet can provide. Cloud computing use by […]


TweetInformation privacy and security are hot topics these days and for good reason. Social media website,  LinkedIn was the latest high-profile company to suffer a serious customer data breach. On June 6, LinkedIn made headlines when it was discovered that hackers had posted 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords to an underground forum. In addition to the […]


TweetCyberattacks on Law Firms-Background In what has become an all too familiar refrain, a major New York law firm was recently informed by the FBI that all of the firm’s client files had been discovered on a server in a foreign country. Those files were then sent from that foreign server to China. For those […]

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