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TweetDo concerns of breaching ethics guidelines for online marketing and social media keep you away from the Web? Well, they shouldn’t. Solo practitioners and partners in small law firms that are wary of how to effectively market their practice AND not violate their state bar association’s ethics rules need to listen to this free one-hour webinar, “Ethics […]


TweetiPhone 4 launched to critical acclaim.  Fan boys drooled over it (myself include).  Normal people said “that’s cool.”  Lawyers finally thought they might trade in their Blackberrys … okay maybe not, but you get the point.  It was big, and Apple seemed to have a sure thing. Then Consumer Reports said, “don’t buy it.”  The […]


TweetThe proliferation of social media as a vital tool in business and personal communication presents many ethical traps for lawyers and their clients.  As we asked in our event preview post: Do conflicts of interest dictate who makes your friend-list? How much can you discuss your current business without violating confidentiality? Can posts on social […]

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TweetMartindale-Hubbell is hosting an upcoming in-person CLE opportunity for in-house counsel: The Counsel to Counsel (C2C) Summit on Maximizing In-House/Outside Counsel Relationships April 1-2, 2009, at The Reagan Center in Washington, D.C. The Summit will feature two days of discussions to help corporate counsel build cost-effective teams without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. The format of […]