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TweetDo any of these titles describe a position held by someone at your law firm? Public Relations Communications Media Relations In a recent blog post by Bob Ambrogi, he gives a great overview of a survey published by Hellerman Baretz Communications, which analyzes Law Firm Media Professionals (“LFMP”) compensation and practices.  The survey found some […]

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TweetI emailed Bob Ambrogi early in the day to discuss Future Tweet, our discussion on Twitter about the Future of the Legal Industry questions we had developed.  Usually the optimist, I told him, “I’m not expecting a big turnout.”   We didn’t really advertise or market this, a blog post by me and one by Bob […]


TweetFor the first two weeks of January, we are planning an event in Connected called Predictions & Resolutions in the Legal Industry.   Bob Ambrogi and Larry Bodine will both do guest posts in the Future of the Legal Industry group in Connected and take part in our Twitter event (see below). Join us for Future […]


TweetWhether you call them “blogs” or “blawgs” (clever name for law blogs), the ABA Blawg 100 is a good list of the best in breed.  We are honored to once again to be among those recognized.  The LexisNexis Legal News & Litigation Podcast made the list for the Top 100 Blawgs for 2009.  Voting is […]