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TweetThe billable hour model has been criticized for years, both inside and outside of the legal community. Now it has many clients of big law firms questioning whether they have been overcharged. The latest controversy arose from a fee dispute between DLA Piper and a former bankruptcy client. When DLA Piper sued to collect $675,000 […]


TweetThe legal profession has gotten a bad rap.  Media depicts lawyers as smart, fast talking, and highly attractive or as workaholics who care for nothing other than the ticking clock of our next billable hour.  As we all know, the movies ain’t real life, lawyers have a hard job with rigorous demands, and although difficult […]


TweetOne of the enjoyable things about working for LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell is that you can take the ‘global’ view about market developments affecting the worlds’ legal professions. For example, research we’ve previously published has shown that the ‘billable hour’ – widely disliked by corporate clients – is not the billing option of choice in many world […]


TweetAsk most general counsel for their top issues when managing law firms and near the top will be ‘Pricing’. Almost without exception, they have been told they to cut their budgets for outsourced work – many by significant amounts, while maintaining the level of advice required order to keep their organisations risk-free. The big question […]


TweetAs the summer wraps up and the white pants get packed away until next year, the action in Connected heats up.  We hit the 15,000 member mark, posted the Networks for Counsel survey, had very favorable mentions in an article on, welcomed in a wave of law student members, and had a system release […]