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Barry Solomon

TweetAt NITA’s two-week trial advocacy boot camp in Louisville, Colorado, I gained enormous respect for trial lawyers.  I thought my skills in client development would translate easily.  I was wrong. The best analogy I can come up with for the difference is like being an expert at checkers and then making the move to chess.  […]


TweetJust as a business balances its investments between product and sales, so must a lawyer balance his or her time between the practice of law and client development efforts. I’m reminded today as I return to the practice of law just how different the legal profession is from the business world. Although lawyers might have […]


TweetI’ve always wanted to be trial lawyer. But in college at the University of Chicago and then law school there, I studied economics and developed a love for business. So when I started practicing law at Sidley Austin, I did transactional work. Some of the most interesting people I met in my practice were entrepreneurs. […]