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TweetAbout three months ago, I responded to reports of difficulties our users were encountering when trying to join Martindale-Hubbell Connected, and how fixing them was our highest priority.  We quickly made some minor adjustments to the user interface and messaging, as well as increased backend resources to assist in manually validating users.  I’m pleased to […]


TweetA little over two weeks ago, Facebook launched its much maligned redesign to their home page to position itself better in the fight against current social media darling Twitter. Facebook’s design tries to mimic Twitter’s constant stream of thoughts. The result: Facebook users have revolted. A staggering 94% gave the new design a thumbs down according to a public […]


Tweet I want to respond to recent posts about people’s difficulties in joining Martindale-Hubbell Connected.  First and foremost, I want to make it clear in no uncertain terms that we are not blocking any lawyers from joining Connected.  Period.  Any lawyer who wants to join Connected, can join Connected. Over the past 6 months, we have offered demos […]