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TweetCHICAGO – The $32 million personal injury verdict awarded in August 2010 to a flavor-industry employee stricken with bronchiolitis obliterans was overturned Oct. 4 by a unanimous First District Fourth Division Illinois Appellate Court panel, which held that the trial court erred in directing a verdict on the statute of limitations defense (Gerardo Solis v. […]


TweetOn March 16, a New Jersey jury sent a strong message to potential bullies when it convicted Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi on several criminal charges related to secret recordings he made of his gay roommate’s sexual encounters. Ravi later used social media and text messages to invite other students to watch the videos. After […]


TweetJurors’ use, or I should say misuse, of social media such as Twitter and Facebook during trials is leading to the overturning of court rulings, convictions and mistrials.  These improper juror postings on social media websites is yet another weapon in attorneys’ arsenals for creating grounds for an appeal. Criminal defense lawyers, among others, comb through Facebook and Twitter entries for […]