Social Media Policy Webinar: Trick or Tweet: How to Say What You Want to Say Without Saying What You Shouldn’t Say

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We would like to invite you to join our webinar on Social Media Policy & Guidelines that we’ll be hosting on Thursday 23rd July at 12pm EST. Whether you are struggling, debating and deliberating of what should Social Media Policy & Guidelines should include, or if you have managed to successfully form, implement and follow them in your firm or company, this webinar is for those who are interested to hear different angles on the process.

The webinar is planned to examine core questions around formation and principles of Social Media Policy and Guidelines, including privacy, communication and monitoring and enforcing policy. Moderated by Mike Mintz, Martindale-Hubbell Connected’s Community Manager we have the incredible honor to host the following members on the panel:

* Melanie Green, CMO at Baker & Daniels
* Howard B. Greenstein, Social Media Consultant at Harbrooke Group
* James S. Wong, VP Legal (US), Chinney Capital Inc.

Register here:

Look forward to seeing you all there!

(written by Mike Mintz and Alin Wagner-Lahmy)

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