Social Media Marketing for Law Firms (on steroids)

by Mike Mintz on July 20, 2011 · 0 comments

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Lawyers use social media.

A few years ago, we couldn’t really say that. The profession lagged behind businesses when it came to adopting this new technology and worried about the risks inherent in its use.

While the risks have not disappeared, they have become more defined, and with that awareness, law firms are moving into the social realm more and more each day.

Don’t believe me?

Well how about this: all of the Am Law 100 firms now have Twitter accounts (see this post from Adrian Dayton on how they are using them) and all of them have blogs (some even multiple blogs; see this post from Adrian Dayton on who’s doing what). By the way, you’ll want to remember that name (Adrian Dayton) because we’ll talk about him in a bit.

How Are Lawyers Using Social Media ?

Perhaps no greater penetration has been made among lawyers in social media than with those using it to market their firms and themselves. From network marketing on Linkedin and Facebook to content marketing via blogs and YouTube, lawyers are finding ways of demonstrating thought leadership, publishing their work to establish expertise, and attracting new business.

Has it all just gone to far? Are we seeing a swing from one extreme (silence) to the other (chatter)? How can law firms use social media, yet make it work by seeing a return on their investment?

That’s what the Social Media Marketing for Law Firms theme week is all about. We’ve gathered four leaders in the social law firm space, and asked them some of these questions on our Connected Lawcast.

How Are Law Firms Using Social Media Marketing? 

Matthew Asbell, Associate at Ladas & Parry LLP and Certified Social Media Strategist has a few things to say about this. The first thing he’ll tell you is that social media activities by a law firm are way more than just plain old marketing. The second thing is that without a strategy for how your lawyers will use social media, both your marketing and social media activities will take a hit for the worse.

Find out what Matthew thinks firms need to do to see a return on investment from social media, and how it can drive a firm’s marketing mix if done right.

The $2M Blog Post: Why Lawyers Can’t Ignore Social Media

Under traditional thinking, Angelo Paparelli doesn’t need social media. As one of the world’s foremost experts on immigration law, he’s got influence in the legal industry already and plenty of people to listen to him. The secret to Angelo’s professional success, however, has been to recognize opportunity when it knocks (he gives us the formula in this interview).

Angelo sees social media as amplifying a lawyer’s message to never-before-heard-of heights, and tells us the story of a client that was worth a whole lot of money who discovered him through social media.

Creating Lawyer Influence on Social Media

Adrian Dayton wrote the book on lawyers using social media. No really. He’s the author of Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Edition, and is coming out with a Linkedin and Blogging edition in September 2011.

Needless to say, Adrian knows his stuff.

We sat down with him to discuss just what kinds of results lawyers can hope to get from social media, how law firms can do Twitter better, and why being a blogging, lawyer, soccer dad might just land you your next client.


They share their insights on these and other issues, in our quest to answer the question “how can law firms get tangible results from social media marketing”?

How to Write for Social Media (Lawyer’s Edition)

Did you ever wonder why your law blog lacks a large and loyal following? If you do have a readership, does it sometimes feel stale?
In either case, there is a simple solution for gaining more readers while keeping the writing informative, authoritative, and exciting.
Great copywriting is not the same as great legal writing. Web content designed to resonate in social circles needs to grab the reader fast, guide them along a well-engineered journey to solve problems that matter to them, and simple enough to digest in a sitting of screen reading.
Don’t be mistaken: you are not throwing the elements of great legal writing out the window; you are simply tailoring them to work for the way readers will consume your content. It is the art of copywriting that will make your content stand out for other law blogs and help you see returns on your investment.
Luckily, Connected has you covered with a three-part blog series in the Social Media for Lawyers group called, Copywriting for Lawyers. The posts will eventually be compiled into a downloadable ebook by the same title.
The following main topics will be covered in the series:
  • How to write killer headlines that captivate readers
  • Knowing what to write, who to write it for, and how to say it
  • Copy driven methods to get your work to rank higher in Google searches
  • And much more …
As a preview you can read the first installment nowCopywriting for Lawyers (Part 1): Headlines That Ought to Be Illegal
At the end of the two week event, which starts today, we will compile the posts into an ebook for convenient download on the site.
We look forward to your feedback on this content, and hope you will participate by sharing comments, links, and resources

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