Social Media Marketing for Law Firms, Gay Divorce, and Seth Godin

by Mike Mintz on July 14, 2011 · 0 comments

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Free Ebook on Legal Marketing

free legal marketing ebookWhat is the best way to market a law firm? – Find out in our FREE Connected eBook!

In reading this eBook you will walk away with the following:

  • 1. How to create an image for your law firm that attracts new business
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  • 4. How to convert web visitors into new clients
  • 5. How to use multimedia, like simple videos, to stand out and gain new clients

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Podcasts You May Have Missed

Podcasts You May Have Missed

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Copywriting for Lawyers

Most lawyers don’t know how to write for social media (your blog is not a brief).

The secret to great legal blogging is injecting your expertise with copywriting principles that help you better reach your audience.

In this three-part series, we explore the finer points of copywriting for lawyers and show you how to spice up your legal blogging.

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Eminent Domain: Abused or Entitled?

Some call it an abuse of governmental powers. Others call it the governments right to take property for the public good.

Click here to see where the eminent domain debate stands today.


Connected Lawcast

 How Are Law Firms Using Social Media Marketing?

Matthew Asbell, Associate at Ladas & Parry LLP and Certified Social Media Strategist has a few things to say about this.  Find out what he thinks firms need to do to see a return on investment from social media, and how it can drive a firm’s marketing mix if done right.


Listen to Matthew’s insights here.


Coming in August: LawFAILS

The practice of law can be pretty funny sometimes. No seriously.

From lawsuits by the lesbian couple who successfully sued their sperm donor for child support after they broke up to the music publishers for the late avant-garde composer John Cage who sued musician Mike Batt for plagiarism after he included a silent song (no music, lyrics, or sound!) on his album (they settled for six-figures out of court), we’re going to cover them all.

Look for podcasts, videos, and posts about the ridiculous, funny, and outrageous lawsuits and cases out there. You are invited to take part in the insanity, and submit your own take on these wacky “law fails.”

You can be certain there will be plenty of lawyer jokes …



Google+ (Facebook Killer or Something New)?


With the release of Google+ lots of technology mavens are calling for Facebook’s demise. And while the +1 button (Google’s version of Like) seems a more natural fit for voting on web content (especially in search where Google has a +1 button for every result), many find Facebook gives them something different.

What are your impressions on Google+?

Click here to see what others say.


Should the criminal histories of special education children be disclosed to educators?

The State of Texas recently enacted a law giving educators more access to students’ criminal histories. Some special education groups are worried that the law will have an adverse affect on children with special needs who may have criminal histories. How can such a law be tailored to protect both the educators and the children?

Click here to check out the debate.


The Taxman Tweeteth: Would You Follow the IRS on Twitter?

The IRS has jumped onto Twitter. It has objectives, a strategy, and some enthusiastic employees managing the effort. Will their foray into social media be successful (would you Like them on Facebook?), and the real question: would you follow them on Twitter?

Click here to read more.


Gay Divorce?


Given the uncertain status of same sex marriage laws in the U.S., what are the realities for gay divorce?

Same sex marriage is not legal in 29 states in the U.S. Recently, in Wyoming, which does not recognize same sex marriages, the Wyoming State Supreme Court ruled that it would recognize such unions only for the purposes of granting a divorce. What are the realities for states starting to face petitions for same sex divorce?

Click here to see insights from others.


E-mail Deluge Makes Work Tough: Use These Tips from Seth Godin

Most lawyers live in Outlook. This post by Keith Mullen provides insight for making your email environment habitable. He writes:

“E-mail skills are just as important as the fundamental skills taught to us in that basic English composition class in high school or college.  If you didn’t pay attention to those classes, then . . . this topic demands your attention simply because you can’t get away from it.”

Click here to read the rest of Keith’s post.


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