Social Media Books to Quench Your Thirst on Last Days of Summer

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A wave of texts has hit our shores this week. Hungry for knowledge and information, curious to hear our leaders’ thoughts, tips and experiences, the world’s need for some guidance on how to apply social media to business settings has not gone unnoticed by the social media world. Here is a quick list of new books out there to help you prepare, plan and sharpen your social media knowledge and tools:

  • Trust AgentsChris Brogan & Julien Smith: Chris Brogan, Social Media Guru and the epitome of online networking, has recently released a book with Julien Smith focusing on building trust and reputation online. The book is winning great reviews including Loic Le Meur’s wonderful review “It does not focus on the tools, but on the human aspects on why you should build your community and how you should behave and approach it to become succesful online.” I recommend reading this review in its entirety, not only does it provide a good coverage of what to expect from the book, also Loic’s joyous voice is so profoundly heard through the words and phrases, it it a joy to read.
  • Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities - Nancy White, Etienne Wenger and  John Smith:  from the marvelous team that taught us the in’s and out’s of Communities or Practice comes a book about how technology imapct community interaction and lifecycle. You can watch an interview with the book authors, about the book, in Nancy’s Blog.
  • The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social WebTamar WeinbergHere’s a taste sponsered by Google Books.
  • Twitterville – Shel Israel.  I have been waiting for this book to come out for a long time. “It tells the stories of more than 100 people Israel has interviewed in all aspects of business ranging from home office to global enterprise. It tells you about accidental citizen journalists who happened to be present when a plane landed on the Hudson River; when an earthquake devastated Szechwan, China; and how people with causes have raised money from thousands of people, sometimes in just a few hours and how government is starting to use Twitter to be both more efficient and responsive.”

Chris Brogan himself just posted his review of 6 new Twitter How To’s books that came out recently,  a 4 minute video with a quick review of the following books:

  • ThinkTweet – Rajesh Setty
  • Twitter For Dummies – Fitton, Gruen and Poston
  • The world according to Twitter – Davod Pogue
  • Twitter for Business – Twitter for Friends – Mark Aaron Murnahan
  • All a Tweet – Tee Morris

My first read is ‘The New Community Rules” which I will report on here soon. I invite you to review and recommend any of the above or any other social media guide which is not mentioned here.   Have a great read!

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