Quality Time, Not Quantity Time: The Power of Links From Martindale.com to Your Law Firm Website

by Mike Mintz on January 5, 2010 · 1 comment

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Eating Dinner with the Family in the Mintz Household

Quality Time with the Family

I love my job.  No really, I do.  Getting paid to do “social media” I spend my days talking to members of Connected, helping people get their work seen, planning member events, blogging, and staying on top of the changes in the legal industry.  Not a bad gig for a lawyer.  With a shop that never closes and an office at home, though, it is easy to get swept up in my work, and I sometimes stay at the computer well past “quittin’ time.”  As a husband and father of two, my family appreciates that I’m physically home, but they get the most benefit when I can be 100% engaged in spending time with them.  I’m sure anyone with a family can relate: quality of time is more precious than quantity.  Why shouldn’t the same thing be true for your law firm’s website traffic?

The Law Firm 4.0 Blog put up a fantastic post today called, The efficacy of Martindale.com as a referrer to your website, highlighting the value of site traffic that comes from Martindale.com over search engines like Google.  In her post, Deborah McMurray tells law firm marketers to, “study their Web site analytics data to see from where visitors are coming from.”  In her research, she finds that Martindale.com ranks high in visits to law firm websites, and that visits from Martindale.com have a lower bounce rate (where user views only 1-page and then leave or time out) than visits from search engines like Google.  I urge you to read Deborah’s post because she provides some fantastic analytical data and conclusions from her findings.  This was my comment to Deborah’s post:

Great post!  In the interest of fairness, a disclaimer: I’m on the community management team for Martindale-Hubbell Connected.  With that said, you point out an often overlooked, yet key component to measuring the value of web traffic in your post about bounce rates.  It’s important for lawyers and anyone using the web to understand that quality visits (indicated by things like bounce rates, purchases, and visitor data entry) are more important than quantity visits.  We are all taken in by the promise of 1,000,000 Twitter followers, reaching the top position in Google results, and the sheer number of site visits, but as you aptly noted in your post, what are those visitors doing on your site?  The behavior of site visitors is a strong indicator of how your content is engaging them.  The conclusions you make about the value of our site are the same things I hear in my conversations with corporate counsel and law firm lawyers.  They trust the results that bubble up in Martindale and can get a more in depth view of the law firm or lawyer they are researching.  With the addition Peer Review, Client Review, and our new Legal Library a lawyer’s footprint on Martindale leaves a lasting impression on those who track her.  Top it all off with the ability to use Connected features to see who knows that lawyer, thought leadership she has demonstrated in public forums and groups, and whether she has a blog in the system, and users have more tools make informed decisions. I think the variety of useful tools and depth of information, account for Martindale’s better bounce rates, along with the fact that our users are more typically sophisticated buyers and sellers of legal services.  What are some other ways that you think we can better service our visitors?  What would you like to see come from the evolution of our Connected community?

For readers of this blog, based on your experience, do you think the Law Firm 4.0 post is correct?  Does Martindale.com add more value than Google in linking to law firm websites?  Why?  How can we do a better job?

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