Only 3-days Left to our $10K for Charity Event

by Mike Mintz on August 12, 2009 · 0 comments

in Martindale-Hubbell Connected

easy buttonWe are nearing the end of our $10K for Charity Event here in Connected.  As discussed in the last tally, a percentage of the $10,000 will be awarded to each charity based on how many votes they accrued in daily polling.  I encourage all of our members to vote; it’s as easy as pushing a button to help a good cause.

In this week’s tally, we only saw one charity jump places.  Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation moved up from the #4 spot to the #3 spot.  Pro Bono Net still leads the race in first place, but North Shoe Animal League is a close second (1 vote separates them).

The standings in the $10K for Charity Daily Poll for today are as follows:

  1. Pro Bono Net – Sponsored by Pro Bono Net (51 votes as of 8/12)
  2. North Shore Animal League – Sponsored by Council on Litigation Management (50 votes as of 8/12)
  3. Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation – Sponsored by Lex Mundi (45 votes as of 8/12)
  4. International Red Cross – Sponsored by European Company Lawyers Association (38 votes as of 8/12)
  5. Night of Giving – Sponsored by National Association of Women Lawyers (25 votes as of 8/12)
  6. The Whitman Walker Clinic – Sponsored by Minority Corporate Counsel Association (23 votes as of 8/12)
  7. Twenty One & Co. – Sponsored by Commerce & Industry Group (8 votes as of 8/12)

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