Ones to Watch in 2010: Connected Groups Year-in-Review

by Mike Mintz on December 28, 2009 · 0 comments

in Martindale-Hubbell Connected

Member groups on Martindale-Hubbell Connected are one of our most popular features.  Last week we gave you a list of the best groups of 2009.  This week we start with a list of the “ones to watch” in 2010.  These are groups with LOTS of potential, especially with the redesign coming where public group activity will be more visible in the community.

ABA Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference – conferencing groups are not easy to maintain after the conference is over.  This one happened in November 2009 and there is still a ton of activity happening.  Files such as 10×10 – Providing Added Value to Clients, 10×10 – Associate Development, and 10×10 – Niche Marketing are just some of the offerings you can find there.  With only 22 members time will tell whether growth is sustained through next year.  Who knows, perhaps this will be a home for conference planning, virtual presenting, and aftermath every year – shouldn’t you get in now?

Real Estate Lawyer Network – created by M. Jeffery Vinzani, this group has a steady growing membership and some fantastic postings.  Most recently Donna Seyle has been using the forum space to post articles such as Putting the “Short” Back in Short Sales?, 9 Ways to Keep Your Corporate Liability Protection Intact, and Solo and Small Firm Challenges: Survey Results.  With a voice like Seyle’s in the group you can have some great conversations.  I encourage anyone in Real Estate to join this group and get active, either replying to Donna’s posts or putting up your own.

Immigration Lawyers – one of the better kept secrets of Connected, Randall Drew’s Immigration group has a steadily growing member base and consistent blog posts that generate comments.  We are keeping our eye on this developing group.

Virtual AttorneysBradley Clark started this group off strong in the summer of 2009.  With interesting posts like Appearing in court by video-conference and Social Media Resources: The Value of Cooperative Community it is only a matter of time before we start seeing steady activity and active discussions in this cutting edge group.

International Tax Attorneys – another one to watch in 2010, Iwona Wojtalik leads insightful discussions on this group of lawyers.  The membership base is still small, but with how-to posts like Foreign Earned Income and US Corporations Fear for the Latest Court Ruling new members are sure to find substance here (and hopefully add a little too!).

Mergers and Acquisitions – started by R. Samuel Snider the group has grown to over 35 members in the last 6-months.  There are some forum threads and a decent document library.  With the growing corporate counsel member base on Connected and the merging of LexisNexis M&A-content in the summer of 2010, we expect this group to take off next year.  Why wait for that?  Join now!

Oil, Gas & Energy – another group with lots of potential, there is a small but steady growing membership around this compelling and important topic.  There are plans in place to populate this group with content from the LexisNexis Emerging Issues and Environmental libraries, as well as, have it be a focus group for our Environmental theme in the spring of 2010.

Tax Law Network – as the second tax group in Connected, Tax Law Network has far fewer members than Tax Law but so much more substance.  Forum posts such as Tax Treatment of U.S. Military Retirement and Disability Benefits and blog posts like More Politics in Ploy to Plug Buckeye Budget Gap show that this group does more than just collect members.  With the merging of the LN Tax Web Community content in the summer of 2010, we are sure to see more focus on this group.

Trademark and Unfair Competition Litigation – when Ron Coleman, author of the award winning blawg Likelihood of Confusion, starts a Trademark group you can’t help but think it’s going to be big.  Launching last month he is slowly gaining members and starting to trickle in content.  The test will be whether he attracts active members who can compliment his prolific style.  Regardless of the sparse offerings in the group right now, I think this is one to watch in 2010 and challenge other trademark attorneys to get in the ring with Ron (in a collaborative sense of course!).  The gauntlet has been thrown down … your move.

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