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by 04g7F1nl02 on May 16, 2011 · 0 comments

in Martindale-Hubbell Connected,,social media for lawyers,Web 2.0 Connected has always prides itself with top notch registration validation – we’re the premier online networking community for legal professionals with more than 44,000 members, and we’re making sure all lawyers are being validated to ensure safety and strengthen trust of the community. This robust process also meant sometimes, when one was not automatically validated by the system, they would go through a more thorough validation, allowed into the community a few hours following those who were approved automatically.

Last week we launched a significant change to the Connected community: starting from today, all members who register to Connected will have immediate access to the community and will not have to wait for their registration to be validated to start contributing. This change is aimed at allowing more and immediate participation from new registrants. The change emerged as we noticed that many people register following reading the Connected community content and wanting to comment on it and join the discussion, but what we also noticed was that getting them approved first was standing in the way of contributing, as all momentum was lost. So starting today, all new registrants who want to pitch in to a discussion in Connected groups or blogs, are allowed in the discussion immediately.

To maintain the trust of the community, those who are not going through automated registration will still be further validated. If it is found that there was an abuse of trust and, for example, someone registered as a lawyer, when they are not one, their access will be denied and they will need to submit further proof of them being who they say they are.

Along with these changes and to encourage and offer more community activity, we have decided to enable all community features to all existing and new members of the community, features that up until now were hidden from basic members of the community, and were only available upon upgrade of service and account. Subscribers to Profile services will continue to receive additional support and opportunities to be featured in the community.

We hope that allowing immediate access to the community, as well as enabling all community features to all members of the community, would provide you with an engaging experience of Connected.

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