New Jury Verdict Roundup Launched on Blog

by Larry Bodine on November 7, 2011 · 1 comment


jury award, jury has launched a weekly news feature reporting on some of the largest and most interesting jury awards won by individuals in recent personal injury cases. The feature, called “Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition,” appears every Friday on the blog, a top online destination for practical analysis of consumer legal news.

We know from site traffic analysis of that consumers are keenly interested in learning about large monetary judgments being awarded to individual citizens. The 10-person news team finds significant jury awards that people want to know about and adds commentary to these cases to help explain their potential impact.

Examples of verdicts covered in the first Jury Awards Editions include:

“It’s not a lottery,” Amy Widman, Assistant Professor of Law at Northern Illinois University told Widman has written extensively on health care and tort reform. “The data shows juries get things right most of the time.”

You are invited to send details of major new jury verdicts awarded to individuals to me at gets 2.5 million visitors each month. Readers can receive updates from the blog on:

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