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by Mike Mintz on July 6, 2011 · 2 comments


Last week’s post by Bob Denney on Attorney at Work gave some great insight on what’s hot and what’s not in practice areas right now. In looking at it, I couldn’t help think of all the great free resources in Connected, that touch on each of these topics. Here is an enhanced version of the list, with links to groups, posts, and articles on all of the practice areas covered.

Red Hot

These are the areas with some serious growth right now.

Health Care

With the ObamaCare “fanning the flames of reform” and growth within the industry, Denney says this is one area that “will be hot forever.”


Renewable energy is so 2010. The focus is now on coal and all it’s gritty goodness. Expect this area to be hot for a while.

Financial Services

Boy are you in luck! While everyone else is trying to make sense of Dodd Frank, we’ve got a whole resource center devoted to it.


Practice areas with a lot of work right now. Some of theme may be moving to the red hot zone, while others may be cooling off.


Constitutional issues arise when states pass laws to counteract federal legislation.

White Collar Crime

Fraud investigations are on the rise, and now we have to worry about disclosure of inside information in social media – this ain’t your daddy’s white collar crime.

Labor & Employment

Hot on all sides (labor and management) there is a lot of activity in the wage hours laws, misclassification of employees, and union opposition to right to work laws and others.

Intellectual Property

As more firms become “full service” IP continues to grow. With the new patent laws just passed, Denney says this area will become “red hot.”

Your Take – What’s Hot

Denney’s post goes into cold areas as well, but I’m more interested to know what others are seeing in practice. What areas are on the move, and what do you think will become hot next?


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