Most Law Firms Are Offering Part-time Work Schedules

by Mike Mintz on January 26, 2012 · 0 comments

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In its 2011-2012 Directory of Legal Employers, the NALP (The Association of Legal Career Professionals) finds that 98% of law firms are offering a part-time option to their associates, partners, and other attorney employees. The part-time option sampling is of 1,269 law offices employing over 125,000 lawyers. The statistics are arranged by city, some metro areas and states, and distinguish between partners, associates and counsel/ of counsel, staff and senior attorneys. The larger the firm, the more likely the part-time option is offered.

Most of those working part-time are women: 89.1% of part-time associates are women, and 65.8% of part-time partners are women, while 2.7% of the men are working part-time, but only 1% of the male associates. Overall, the percentage of lawyers working part-time is 6.7%.

Of those firms offering a part-time option, over 15% have an affirmative program offering it to all attorneys in the firm. However, almost half of the firms that offer a part-time option don’t offer the option to entry level lawyers. The percentage of those firms offering part-time employment to entry level lawyers varies widely by city. For instance, in the Boston area 32.4% of firms don’t offer the option to entry level lawyers, in NYC and Charlotte around 50% don’t offer it, while in Orlando and Houston over 71% don’t offer it.

The NALP is a non-profit trade organization of those involved in the legal employment process: U.S. and Canadian law schools and public and private sector employers of attorneys.

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