Mobility Matters More Than Ever for Online Marketing in Law Firms

by Lydia Pickens on May 21, 2013 · 0 comments

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According to a recent study by comScore, in 2012 the U.S. smartphone market surpassed 50 percent market penetration and all signs point to continued growth.

So what does this major milestone mean for the success of your law firm?

ComScore reported more than 125 million smartphone users in 2012, and more than 50 million tablet owners, which means it’s more important than ever for your law firm’s website to be smartphone and tablet friendly.  Therefore, taking the time to optimize your site so that it maybe viewable on the smaller screens is more than a good idea; it’s necessary.  Without doing so, potential clients who may come upon your site through a mobile device and bounce away due to a poor user experience.

Still not ready for a little change?  Think about this: According to the study, one in three minutes spent online is now spent on mobile devices. Search queries on mobile devices are forecasted to overtake desktop search queries by 2014. Is your firm’s site optimized to cater to these mobile shoppers?

Now is the time to create a mobile version of your firm’s site.  Not sure where to start or concerned about best practices for optimizing your mobile site?  Read on for more information about Google’s suggestions for smartphone-optimized sites:

  • Sites that use responsive web design (sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device.)  This is the recommended configuration by Google.
  • Sites that dynamically serve all devices on the same set of URLs, but each URL serves different HTML (and CSS) depending on whether the user agent is a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Sites that have separate mobile and desktop URLs.

You can read more about how to implement each of these configurations here.

According to a survey performed by the Law Firm Mobile blog, of the firms on the 2012 Am Law 200 list, 54 firms (27%) now have mobile sites.  However, another study notes that 57 percent of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly constructed mobile site, and 40 percent will visit a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.  So be aware, and don’t throw together a hasty site just to be more relevant.

If you are ready to improve your law firm’s mobile website, contact the experts at LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Solutions.

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