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by Laxmi Stebbins Wordham on June 19, 2009 · 0 comments

in Martindale-Hubbell News

Last week I was one of five women honored by the Women’s Venture Fund as a Highest Leaf Award recipient. I am extremely honored to be a part of this group of remarkable women. Their stories and achievements are incredibly inspiring.
Most importantly I’m honored to accept the award on behalf of my team. The product team is an amazing group of extremely talented, passionate and creative people. They make my job easy and fun. I am proud to represent this team and would like to introduce you to them.
Brett Buzzatto – Senior Design and Content Administrator
Karen Cancellieri – Product Manager, open web
Jon Lin – Director of Product Management, family
John Lipsey – Vice President, Corporate Counsel Services
Lydia Pickens – Sr. Product Manager, Experts & Services
Ohad Reshef – Director, Product Strategy
Alin Wagner-Lahmy – Sr. Product Manager, Martindale-Hubbell Connected and overall social media guru
The Counsel to Counsel team is equally extraordinary, producing engaging events and insightful content.
Stephanie Araujo – Coordinator, Counsel to Counsel and Mets fan
Jessica Bott – Manager, Counsel to Counsel
Erin Martin – Editor in Chief, Counsel to Counsel
I hope you will connect with them on Martindale-Hubbell Connected!

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