Martindale’s Methodology Behind Its Gold Standard Legal Ratings and Lawyer Rankings

by Mike Mintz on December 6, 2011 · 0 comments


Over the years, the legal rating services and lawyer ranking industries have grown significantly.  As a result, the 2010 ABA Annual Meeting provided a seminar where major law firm rankings and ratings entities shared their ranking and rating methodologies with the attendees.  In return, a panel of corporate counsel ranked these entities and permitted an audience of attorneys attempting to strengthen their business development strategies to question these entities.

In their opening remarks, the leaders of six ranking and rating entities described their companies.  A video of the hour-long panel discussion moderated by Micah Buchdahl can be found online at

Here is what the Vice President of Peer Review Rating and Client Review Services for LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, Carlton Dyce, had to say:

Martindale’s mission is to assist lawyers in differentiating themselves and to help law firms and other end-users make an intelligent and informed decision when hiring an attorney.  To achieve its mission, Martindale has peer review ratings, client review ratings, and practice area rating, which it compiles through anonymous and confidential feedback from the lawyers’ peers.  These ratings concern the lawyer’s legal ability and ethical standards as well as the lawyer’s communication abilities and responsiveness.  Finally, Martindale’s practice area ratings provide the attorney with a score in a specific practice area to indicate the lawyer’s competence in a certain area of law.

With over 300,000 attorneys, who have a peer review rating and an estimated 11,000 lawyers, who have a client review rating, Martindale is certain that it can assist lawyers and law firms in marketing themselves in today’s competitive marketplace.  Overall, Martindale-Hubbell continues to be the gold standard in the legal community.

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