Martindale-Hubbell Connected Network Launches

by Laxmi Stebbins Wordham on April 4, 2009 · 0 comments

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Today marks the launch and formal opening of the Martindale-Hubbell Connected network for lawyers and legal professionals – a major milestone in the transformation of Martindale-Hubbell to meet the transforming needs of today’s legal profession.

In beta since last summer, the community has grown over the past 10 months with a steadily increasing number of members now at 3,000. Thanks to all of those early adopters. Your input has been extremely valuable.

As of today we welcome all lawyers to join.

And we believe they will because while there are wonderful broad social and business networks out there online, as well as some just for lawyers, we believe that Martindale-Hubbell Connected brings something new to the table with an unmatched combination of authoritative resources, authenticated legal contacts globally and powerful relationship mapping.

Created specifically based on input and feedback from lawyers, members can access a suite of collaborative tools, forums, blogs, groups, polling, legal content, and more than a million lawyer contacts from the database representing more than 45 million potential connections. For those interested in more specifics about the network, click here.

All of this enables members to uncover new relationships and trusted referrals, share information and insights individually or in groups, and identify their connection to firms, corporate legal departments or lawyers they find while searching the database.

Further, with our integration of LinkedIn at and in the Martindale-Hubbell Connected network, we offer users the best of both worlds – a private community full of trusted legal contacts as well as access to a the primary broad and open business network for expanded public networking.

Today is just a beginning though. We look forward to continual member growth and development of new features and functionality as we move forward – things such as a legal wiki, expanded access to content from LexisNexis and more.

Finally, as further background on the Martindale-Hubbell Connected network and our approach to online networking for legal professionals, see media and analyst reports here, here, here and here. We also have several related news announcements from the past year here.

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